Ethical Investing - Fad? Or the future?

As more fund managers and robo advisers launch ethical products, Boring Money and The Times have teamed up to find out what Brits really think about this investing trend. Is 2019 the year when it’s going to take off? What’s the appetite?

This report tackles five core questions:

  • Consumer sentiment and understanding – how well are the concepts understood? What do people want?
  • Blacklisting versus impact – how do the different approaches resonate and with which segments?
  • Preconceptions, concerns and the trade-off with returns – assumptions and beliefs
  • The research compared to uptake in practice
  • Recommendations for focus and change

More details

With data from YouGov and The Times readers, supported by insights from the Boring Money readers, our new report will offer insights such as:

  • How many people have heard of ethical investing, crucially how many investors have heard of it? - 36% of people have heard of ethical investing, rising to 59% of investors.
  • Are people familiar with the phrase ‘ESG’? – No, just 2% of people have heard of ESG.
  • Are there observable gender differences in responses? – Women are much more likely to be interested.
  • Who are the ‘baddies’ and the ‘goodies’ for consumers? - no surprises that arms/weapons top the list of companies to avoid!
  • Which indicators of behaviours can correlate with views/propensity to invest this way. Can we correlate which eggs people buy, what they drive, and what papers they read?
  • Our focus groups dig deep into the nuances – appetite, sentiment, concerns and barriers.

All of this is supported by hundreds of verbatim comments. We’re running these through our data platform to extract sentiment and drivers by age, gender and other segmentation methods. What can the language tell us?

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