Don’t Call Me a Millennial: Insights and Data 2019

50% of Millennials who don’t currently invest, say they would consider it

Is this down to unfounded optimism about their future finances, or driven by innovations in the market? What holds back the other 50%? Is it a lack of confidence, or concern about risk in an environment of uncertainty? How do Millennials want to manage their investments, and what appeals to them in a provider?

Price: £3,100 + VAT, including a presentation/workshop.

This deck includes insights on:

  • The size of the Millennial opportunity
  • Segmentation of the 18-44 population
  • Millennials’ financial situation and investment ownership
  • Millennials consideration and attitudes towards investing
  • What appeals to Millennials across both product and brand
  • Brand awareness and resonance of marketing activity among Millennials
  • How existing investors behave
  • Millennials’ attitudes towards investing for retirement

This research is based on quantitative data from a nationally representative survey of 6,544 adults and qualitative insights from consumer panels.

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