Women and Investing: Insights and Data 2019

Only 24% of women have an investment product compared to 38% of men.

Is this simply down to a difference in earnings and savings, or are there other barriers that women face? How do their attitudes towards investing diverge from that of men? What turns them on, and off, when it comes to financial messaging and marketing? And what might tip them into taking action?

Price: £3,100 +VAT

This deck includes insights on:

  • The size of the opportunity
  • Segmentation of the female population
  • Products and balances held by women vs men
  • Confidence levels and attitudes towards investing
  • Product and brand appeal and selection
  • Brand awareness and resonance of marketing activity
  • Analysis of emerging sectors and their appeal

This research is based on quantitative data from a nationally representative survey of 6,544 adults, and qualitative findings from projects exploring women’s attitudes towards investing and what they like and want from an investment provider.

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