Quantitative Research

Move your strategic decision-making from a “we think” mindset to a “we know” process. No guess work. No gut feel. We’ll develop surveys and data models to find answers to your questions. And then we’ll slice and dice the data to give you the statistically significant insights that will make a difference. 

We have analysed millions of customer responses and data points to help our clients understand customer attitudes and preferences. We gather responses from a range of sources, from specially recruited groups of Boring Money readers to Nationally representative YouGov surveys of 6,000+ people. We can also mine your own customer data to uncover hidden truths and unlock new strategies.

What can quantitative research tell you?

  • Customer behaviour and preferences
  • Market sizing and opportunity analysis
  • Shifting trends and attitudes
  • Appetite for a potential product or service
  • Brand awareness and campaign impact
  • Demographic segmentation and targeting
  • Identify market trends and changing patterns

Boring Money’s data sources

  • Nationally representative YouGov surveys
  • Polling of carefully recruited demographic groups
  • Surveys sent to consumers via media partners, such as The Times
  • Segments within The Boring Money Army (Boring Money users)
  • Client’s own customer data
  • Website data from users of BoringMoney.co.uk

“We found Boring Money’s research really interesting, they have a true grasp on where the market is going and it is useful to know where we are positioned against the rest of the market.”

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