UK investment market reports

At Boring Money we combine data and insights from product providers, stats and opinions from consumers and individual investors to produce expert publications which are more than just a series graphs. 

2019 Online Investing Report

A key resource for anyone needing to know the size of the UK market; understand the UK consumer relationship with investing and pensions; source nationally representative, market-level and provider-specific data; understand journeys, or see detailed qualitative insights on what does & doesn't work.

Price: £6,000 + VAT

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Women Investing - Insights Deck

If you want to conduct a deeper dive into customers by gender, our deck will help.
How do women’s attitudes to investing differ from those of men’s? What investments do they have? What features and messages attract them to particular products? How can you tip them into taking action?

Price: £3,100 + VAT

Updated Data & Insights from 2019

Don’t call me a Millennial

If you want to understand more about the investing opportunity among Millennials, and conduct a deep dive into their attitudes and preferences, our deck will help. How do Millennials feel about investing compared to the rest of the population? What features and messages attract them to particular products? 

Price: £3,100 + VAT

Quarterly Data Digest

The ‘must have’ quarterly data pack for all those tracking growth, development and competition in the online investing market, with insights provided at both market level and individual provider level. Including AUA, market shares, customer demographics, investment trends and detailed consumer reviews.

Price: £2,000 per quarter

2018 Digital Wealth and Robo Report

A must-have report for anyone trying to size, track and understand the growing digital wealth market in the UK. This report includes a full analysis of platforms and robo advisers, based on qualitative data and customers reviews. Essential material to assist business planning, strategy papers and competitor analysis.

Price: £2400 + VAT.

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Ethical Investing Report

Compiled with data from YouGov, The Times and Boring Money readers, this unique report will share insight into consumer understanding, attitudes, preferences and behaviours. Contains detailed responses and verbatims. Essential for any group trying to understand consumer appetite and demand for this growing sector.

Price: £3,800 + VAT

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Robo Report Q3 2018

In our latest robo performance update, we analyse the Q3 performance of nine leading robo advisers which together represent over 80% of UK robo adviser assets today. We look at all the important numbers for Low, medium and high risk portfolios returns, risk-adjusted return and inter-month drawdown.


2018 Online Investing Report

The most authoritative insights into the growth and development of the UK DIY investing market. Data includes a consumer survey of 2,000 people; aggregated market data covering 25+ providers; consumer testing and qual insights. Includes consumer feedback, extensive data and market forecasts.

Price: £5,800 + VAT

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