Digital Wealth and Robo Report 2018

We’ve combined deep-dive qualitative research with a nationally-representative survey of British adults to give a comprehensive picture of the wealth Britain manages online.

Cost: £2400 + VAT. This includes presenting the report findings to your team in a 1-2 hour workshop.

The report contains six sections:

  • State of the Market – who’s in the zoo and what are they up to? How do they compare against each other?
  • CEO Forecast – what do the people who control over half the UK’s digital wealth providers predict for the future?
  • Help, Guidance and Advice – do people want advice? If so in what guise, and will they pay?
  • Products and Portfolios – ethical investing is growing in importance
  • Brand – who’s got the best brand awareness and consumer trust?
  • What does the perfect online service look like?