ESG Investing Report

ESG is perhaps the hottest, yet most poorly communicated topic in investment circles.

As the industry gets stuck in the mud of definitions and complexity, the broader story is not being told well and retail channels report mixed and confused messages about interest and demand. Boring Money has been researching demand, interest and planned actions from both consumers and advisers. Our new report feeds back on what both advisers and consumers want, understand and do today, when it comes to ESG-led investing.

  • Understanding – ESG inputs versus ethical/sustainable outputs;
  • Concerns – assumptions about impact on performance; research quality; how to pick demonstrable skill in this space
  • Appetite – what do people want and which messages resonate?
  • Behaviours and buying intentions – what do people do and search for today; what are future intentions - £s, style and adoption

Our report explores how to capitalise on the call for ESG to shift from cultural to infrastructural. It includes a nationally representative survey of 4,000 UK adults; 100 in-depth interviews with target advisers; online surveys of 2,000 fund investors; consumer preferences between ESG, ethical, sustainable, thematic & impact investing; customer needs and attitudes towards ESG products; and brand recall for ESG funds and fund providers.

Price: £5825 + VAT

Launching 25th September

  • 4 hard copies
  • A PDF copy
  • Face-to-face debrief
  • Use of data for comms/PR support
  • Boring Money hosted event

The report provides:

  • Adviser and consumer understanding of ESG today and the current level of market activity
  • Appetite for ESG investing & likely market growth, including barriers and drivers
  • The differences in appetite and expectation, between different groups of consumers, advisers and products on offer
  • Current level of integration of an ESG approach in investment advice propositions
  • How ESG funds are being used within the wider client portfolio
  • Preferences between ESG, ethical, sustainable, thematic and impact
  • How advisers and DIY investors research ESG funds and make decisions with regards to how and where to invest (and how to positively affect them)
  • Future buying intentions and influence levers
  • Response to market messaging (testing creative)

The report will help:

  • Companies looking to tailor propositions, services, support and communications to grow the market and secure more business
  • Detailed understanding of the retail appetite for ESG & its importance to your business
  • Integration of an ESG approach into investment advice propositions
  • Provider benchmarking (proposition/service/support/communications)
  • Platforms, robos, fund managers, and investment firms
  • Providers looking to enter the ESG space
    Regulators and policy makers

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