Women and Investing: Attitudes & Behaviours

Recent Boring Money Research found that if the same number of women invested the same amount as men, there would be an extra £100.8 billion invested in the UK.

So what is it that’s putting women off? Where do their attitudes diverge from that of men? What turns them on – and off – when it comes to financial messaging and marketing? And what might tip them into taking action?

Price: £5,000


Qual & Quant insights:

  • Demographics and size of opportunity
  • Products and balances held by women vs men
  • Financial priorities, confidence levels and attitudes towards saving vs investing
  • Product appeal and selection; preferred platform features; brand awareness and resonance of marketing activity
  • Use of advisers vs automated investment help
  • Attitudes towards risk and preferences around messaging

More Details

This insights deck includes:

  • Quantitative data from two nationally representative YouGov surveys of over 6,350 adults.
  • Qualitative data from multiple female-focussed research projects involving focus groups and interviews.
  • Additional insights gleaned from Boring Money readers and sector expertise.