We know the market inside-out. Can we help your team get up to speed, or see things from a different perspective?

Boring Money has a wealth of industry expertise spanning 20+ years of investment industry developments. Over the past three years, we’ve spoken to thousands of consumers and analysed millions of data points to understand what customers are doing, what they want and what would make them take action.

We can work with you to give new joiners an in-depth overview of where the market has been, where it’s currently at, and where it’s going. Or we can walk your teams through findings from our customer insights and market analysis work, including segmentation findings, benchmarking activities or any other area on which you need a fresh perspective.  

How could a workshop help you?

  • Get your new starters up to speed
  • Understand market trends and who the movers and shakers are
  • Challenge your perception of the market and what customers really want
  • Get a fresh perspective on an old problem

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Our most popular workshops

What do customers think about investing?

How long is it since you really delved into what consumers think about ISAs, funds, pensions and risk? This 3 hour workshop will bring the voice of the customer into your organisation and challenge you to think differently.

Send us your questions and challenges so we can prep the most useful info for you!

Price: £3,500 (including deck and all data/research)

Ethical Investing

Is this on your agenda? Do you need help assessing consumer demand for the various strands of ethical and impact investing? We have spoken to over 3,000 consumers to gauge what they want from providers. This 3 hour session will zone in on the areas of opportunity and the messages that resonate.

Price: £3,500 (including deck and all data/research)

Money Tribes & Segmentation

We can focus on different consumer segments, from women investors, to cash savers to retirees and millennials – helping you to size the opportunity and assess the potential.

Let us know what demographic you want to understand better and we will prep a deck including market data, the results of consumer testing and specific marketing and comms preferences.  

Price: from £3,500 per segment (including deck and all data/research)

Other Services

Bespoke Research

Quantitative Research

Qualitative Research

Focus Groups