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Unfathomable messages from fund managers offering twelve different asset classes we can choose; confusing credit card offers with terms and conditions eight pages long; scary pension statements which make risk seem like something we’d be insane to consider. We’ve all looked at communications from the financial industry, stuff that affects our lives and our money, and wondered what it really says. Why does it have to be so complicated?

We put a team of the financial industry’s finest together with some of London’s best creative brains to rip up the rule book and re-imagine financial content for people without economics degrees or ten years’ worth of compliance training. The themes for discussion were:

Investments and Portfolios

The team came up with eight separate exhibits. The results were strange, surprising and even a little bit fabulous. This video give you a glimpse of how the night unfolded.

With enormous thanks to Legal and General Investment Management for their support and interest in the Planet Investment project. Thanks also to Sandra Peat and Rebecca Rhodes from We Are Superhuman, Ali Hanan from Creative Equals, Annabel Rivkin and Emilie McMeekan from the Midult, Lucy Dunn from the Pool and Kate Thornton from TBSeen.

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