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Boring Money regularly conducts quantitative and qualitative research into what investors value from asset managers, beyond the more obvious metrics of performance and price.

This research included:

  • Quantitative and qualitative research with consumers, advisers, asset manager directors, academics and NEDs

This detailed output will confirm:

  • What customers actually value - identifying 4 core areas of perceived value and the relative importance of these
  • Which elements and measurements of performance are most valued
  • Price insights – relative, absolute and related sentiment
  • ‘Softer’ value metrics
  • Which brands they value and how much
  • How we can measure this
  • Relative components of value

This research is available as a one-off purchase and shares:

  • Qualitative interviews with industry professionals and NEDs
  • Quantitative surveys with over 1,000 retail investors
  • Qualitative interviews with retail investors and advisers
  • Quantitative and qualitative fund analysis
  • Value metrics and measurements

Price: £8,000 + VAT

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