Ongoing Value Testing

Boring Money is working with fund managers on the requirement by the FCA to evidence value for money. We have developed a framework of metrics that should be tested on a regular basis (above and beyond performance and fees) and can help you to continually track and report on these.

Our 6-monthly touch points are designed to feed into both internal and  external value reporting – and will also help you to quickly identify any changes in customer sentiment. 

The process will include both quantitative work and more detailed qualitative interviews and feedback sessions with customers and advisers. We have built this service as a direct result of our research with end consumers and investors about what value means to them – we know that asset managers struggle to understand the end-investor and this is where we can help.

We evidence and track:

  • How consumers rate you when it comes to value compared to peers

  • What it is that they value and where does your brand fall short

  • How you rank when it comes to core pillars of value such as clarity, comms and service

  • What you can do to not only monitor this but use it as the basis for proposition and marketing development programs

  • Various investors metrics and scores

  • A summary report for any board pack and internal reporting

  • Input into how value might be measured and communicated externally

Improve your understanding

Price: £20,000 + VAT per annum for 2 x 6-monthly reports or £13,500 for a one-off report


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We can help you understand your customers' take on value. 

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