Ongoing Value Testing

Boring Money has developed a quarterly Customer Value Tracker for fund managers. 

We have built this service as a direct result of our research with end consumers and investors about what value means to them – we know that asset managers struggle to understand the end-investor and this is where we can help.

Each quarter we ask over 1,000 investors (both advised and self-directed) to tell us about the funds which they hold as part of their portfolios. 

We evidence and track:

  • How consumers rate you when it comes to value compared to peers, and how this changes over time

  • What it is that they value and where does your brand fall short - we collect verbatims and feedback as well as data 

  • How you rank when it comes to core pillars of value including performance, price, clarity and service

  • Various investor metrics and scores

  • A summary report for any board pack and internal reporting

Price: £3,500 per quarter on the basis of an annual subscription. 


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Please ask us for a sample report or have a look at the flier for more details. 

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