Factsheets, Comms & Disclosure - Syndicate Research Project

Boring Money has been engaged by a syndicate of investment providers to explore issues around how factsheets, fee disclosure, risk, investment objectives and other disclosure documents and topics are viewed by customers. It’s widely accepted that the current bundles of factsheets, KIIDS and other such pieces of comms are often not understood – or even read – by end customers. So how can this be improved? What would actually be of value to the everyday investors trying to pick their way through the jargon?

This project will cover a broad range of disclosure and communications with a particular focus on objectives and fee disclosure, in response to recent regulatory initiatives and focus. It also feeds into value assessment as the clarity of objectives and fees are highlighted by investors is a core part of value.

This project will help you:

  • Get consumer insights on your material
  • Get research which quantifies and evidences the problem
  • Get specific recommendations for improvements
  • Receive a series of best practice illustrations to help your marketing teams
  • Receive input for your value assessment projects and feedback on how you are delivering against clarity
  • Work with us to help produce a series of recommendations for longer-term policy change and improvements

The syndicated research project will:

  • Test what clients read and actually want
  • Identify and quantify current behaviours, comprehension and preferences
  • Highlight good and bad practice
  • Test your factsheets and specific comms
  • Provide specific and practical feedback on improvements for your brand
  • Include a workshop with the syndicate to walk through findings
  • Publish a series of recommendations to share with the FCA and Treasury

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