Benchmark digital journeys, gain customer insight and track how you're doing in the eyes of your customers. 


Quarterly Investor Insights

Each quarter we survey over 1,500 investors, analysing both market and brand level insights. The Investor Tracker has been designed to help firms keep up-to-date with the latest in investor behaviours, sentiment and intentions

What you get

  • Ownership – products and wrappers.
  • Sentiment – confidence and forecasts.
  • Intentions – buying/selling plans.
  • Brand – awareness and sentiment.
  • Value – Quality of Service ratings.

All data can be segmented by age, gender and household income.

Price: Each quarterly report costs £4,000 as part of an annual subscription.


What you get

  • Insights into investment product ownership and investing habits for UK adults.
  • Ongoing Analyst Access.
  • Quarterly market update pack.
  • Short insight pieces into specific topics. E.g. ESG.
  • Direct customer insights provided by reviewers on


Our Data

We can answer a variety of client queries surrounding behaviour, sentiment & trends. Our new service combines Boring Money’s pool of data on consumers, detailing information of competitors and expert analysis into on-demand insight with regular push updates.

Get in touch for details on cost.

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