Benchmark digital journeys, gain customer insight and track how you're doing in the eyes of your customers. 


Consumer Insights

Our Data Portal is the most comprehensive resource to keep you up-to-date with consumer behaviours and sentiment, with insights provided at both market level and individual provider level.

What you get

  • D2C Market data and sizing – AUA, market share, investment trends.
  • Customer data & demographics – age, gender, attitudes, behaviours.
  • Exclusive insights – ethical and ESG, brand awareness.
  • Consumer reviews.

Price: £15,000 + VAT p.a.


What you get

  • Access thousands of screenshots and videos of full user journeys across providers.
  • See scoring and analysis on each journey.
  • Receive regular reports on best practice, scoring and ranking and a deep dive into specific consumer journeys.

Price: £15,000 + VAT p.a.


Market Insights

Up-to-date insights on how customers interact, engage and execute across the various stages of a provider’s investment proposition.
Journeys insights will encompass a user’s experience across the front end, post login and post-conversion experience.

Customer Value Tracker

We are talking to groups about the difficult challenge of how to communicate value externally, beyond the boardroom and out to consumers.

We can work with asset managers in several ways to help. Our Customer Value Tracker subscription provides quarterly external insights on what your customers think. Our Value Assessments Insights Deck (available on our Reports page) supplements your existing project work on reporting, assessing and improving value.

What you get

Every quarter we ask 2,000 fund investors (both intermediated and self-directed) about the value they feel they are being delivered by asset managers, so that you can:

  • Understand how your customers think you are doing when it comes to delivering value
  • Add customer insights into your Board reporting and metrics
  • Understand your relative strengths and weakness and monitor performance

Price: £3,750 + VAT per quarter


UK investment market reports

At Boring Money we combine data and insights from product providers with stats and opinions from consumers and individual investors, to produce expert publications which are more than just a series of graphs.

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