Boring Money Data Analysis Service: access to our data

We can answer a variety of client queries surrounding behaviour, sentiment & trends. Our new service combines Boring Money’s pool of data on consumers, detailing information of competitors and expert analysis into on-demand insight with regular push updates.

Ongoing Analyst Access

This service will enable you to access a wide variety of data and insights from Boring Money analysts on an ongoing basis, to provide quick answers to your regular questions. Drawing on our constantly expanding pool of existing data, analysts will be available to support a wide range of ad-hoc queries. Any query requiring less than one day of analyst time, which uses either existing data or secondary research, will be covered by the service.

We have access to a wide range of data on consumers and investment providers. As a result, we are able to provide access to information on both providers and on the retail investor.

Data sources for this service include:

Data available via the service will include:

  • Investment product ownership and investing habits for UK adults.
  • Sentiment and attitudes to new products and messaging
  • The size, value, and attitudes of bespoke target segments.
  • Best practice investment platform journeys and new developments
  • Market and customer share of D2C investment providers.
  • Direct customer insights provided by reviewers on

Example queries we have recently addressed for clients

I want to know what people MOST want to know about their investment portfolio specifically?

Do you know of any providers offering robo-guidance?

What are the finance habits of HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) e.g. investment ownership, what they look for in a provider and adviser, what their financial concerns are etc.?

Are consumers more nervous post Covid? Do they want to take risk out their portfolios?

Quarterly market update pack

In addition to on demand access, you will receive a quarterly research and insights pack, which highlights the most interesting information from the previous quarter. You can also access a briefing to review this information as needed.

The PowerPoint deliverable will vary depending on the quarter, but will include:

Market – AUA and customer updates fort the D2C investment market – including splits by wrapper, demographic and asset class

Provider – Key service and product updates in the D2C market – including new examples of good practice.

Consumer – New data and insights from recent surveys.

Short insight pieces into specific topics - ESG example

“A go to wealth of market information, essential for keeping informed of key developments, trends and consumer views to help drive better customer outcomes.”

Research Manager, Asset Manager

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