Re-forecast, re-plan and revise your 2020 strategy

Get up-to-date market, provider & consumer data straight to your desktop.

Deep dive into comprehensive data sets to strategically revise your 2020 plans. Derive applicable insights to help you identify, size and understand the scope, scale and challenges of your changing customer segments. 

Boring Money's Data Portal delivers comprehensive, quarterly market and consumer data directly to your execution teams. Build a picture of the investment space with regularly updated demographic, behavioural and attitudinal insights from thousands of UK savers and investors.

  • Identify market size and competitor numbers.
  • Explore data sets that you can slice and dice yourself.
  • Gauge customer sentiment around marketing messaging
  • Nationally representative data samples, regularly updated.
  • Ideal for building product development and marketing plans.

How can Data Portal help you? - Use Cases

Our Data Portal can provide help for anyone looking to understand the current state of play in the UK online investment market.

Below are three specific use cases.

Insights & Strategy

Guide your Insights & Strategy teams looking to define strategic direction, and assess the feasibility of a specific course of action by looking at elements such as scale and scope of target markets, identifying key areas of opportunity and the nature of competition.

Product Development

Product Development and Proposition teams can dissect consumer focused data to define, establish and assess customer favourability. Data Portal can offer invaluable insight toward building business cases for projects such as a new fund, a product launch or a re-positioning of existing propositions. 

Product Governance

Asset ManagersProduct Governance and Due Diligence teams can utilise Data Portal to comply with MiFID II regulatory requirements to inform and ensure suitability across your retail distribution channels. 

Alongside these use cases, our Data Portal can also offer practical insights for; 

  • Digital Proposition teams, 
  • Marketing, PR & Communication teams, 
  • Compliance and Risk teams, 
  • D2C and B2B distribution teams,
  • As well as offering wider company applications.

Market Data

  • AUA & market share
  • Customer growth
  • Customer demographics
  • Investment flows
  • Account splits

Consumer Data

  • Consumer profiles & segmentation
  • Income & relationship demographics
  • Product preferences & brand awareness
  • Consumer confidence & attitudes
  • Ethical investing interest & preferences

Provider Data

  • Investment Journeys & solutions
  • Mobile App Features
  • Accounts Offered
  • Robo Propositions
  • Customer ratings & NPS

What research are these insights based on?

Comprising raw data from Boring Money surveys, the Boring Money website and intelligence gathered directly from investment providers, our Data Portal provides an all-encompassing lens on the current state of play in the UK online investment market.

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