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Fund Investor Tracker

Our Fund Investor Tracker is our core data subscription service for Asset Managers.

As a subscriber, you’ll get in-depth analysis, brand tracking and forecasting every quarter, from our unique quarterly monitoring of the UK retail fund investor population.

The subscription service is specifically tailored to the needs of asset managers, and focuses on the UK retail investor population, helping your business to understand what customers think, feel and want from your brand.

Clients use the service as a Value Tracker, helping them benchmark their brand against peers and understand where their brand is succeeding in the eyes of the end customer, and where it can be improved. Many client use the data to underpin their Assessment of Value Reports.

Who uses Fund Investor Tracker?

Our Fund Investor Tracker clients are Asset Managers and other firms working in the fund management industry, including agencies and consultants. The service is utilised by Product, Marketing, Communications & Sales teams to track their brand versus peers, understand investors sentiment and future intentions.

Clients also use the data to underpin their Assessment of Value Reports, incorporating feedback from real end investors in the Reports.

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Our Clients

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Subscriber packages

Evidence-led Insight & Analysis

Our Fund Investor Tracker subscription gives you complete access to our data with our 360 & 360 Plus packages:

  • Surveys targeted at UK retail fund investors through a sample of 1,500 adults holding funds provide you with targeted data looking specifically at the retail investor audience

  • Quarterly data collection means we’re tracking investor attitudes, intentions and opinions as they change over time, keeping your business up to date

  • Segmented data to understand the behaviours and attitudes of specific groups of customers. We explore the attitudes of different demographic groups and advised vs. DIY fund investors to track views among different segments of your customer base

  • Our analysis of brand perception is specifically tailored toward Assessment of Value Report criteria, helping inform your Reporting with real customer data

  • Data from investors in your funds – our research is both targeted at fund investors, but also carries the necessary sample size to ensure the opinion of your customers are reflected

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The Voice of the Customer

With our 360 Plus package we bring the Voice of the Customer to the heart of your business through focus groups, panels and investor interviews.