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Saver & Investor Analysis

Our flagship subscription data service, Saver & Investor Analysis gives you on-demand access to the data you need, when you need it.

As a subscriber, you’ll get the ability to submit requests directly to our team of research analysts, giving you one-to-one support to filter, segment and sort data to find the insights and analysis you need.

Clients use the service to understand their customers better, segmenting the market based on different user behaviours, attitudes, demographic profiling and more. Use the Saver & Investor Analysis service to understand what today’s customers like and dislike, and what tomorrow’s want from their chosen providers.

Who uses Saver and Investor Analysis?

Our Saver & Investor Analysis subscription clients are predominantly Platforms and Distributors, including Banks and Wealth Managers. The service is utilised by Customer Insight teams, as well as CEO Offices, Product, Marketing & Communications teams to provide evidence-backed insights that inform business strategy, peer benchmarking, communications and marketing planning, and company reporting.

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Our Clients


Subscriber packages

What do our clients ask?

Subscription clients have direct access to Boring Money’s team of research analysts, helping them access the data they need, when they need it. Here’s a few examples of the things they ask:

“I want to know what people MOST want to know about their investment portfolio specifically?”

“What are the finance habits of HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) e.g. investment ownership, what they look for in a provider and adviser, what their financial concerns are etc.?”

“Are consumers more nervous post Covid? Do they want to take risk out their portfolios?”

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Evidence-led Insight & Analysis

  • Our Saver and Investor Analysis subscription gives you complete access to our data with our 360 & 360 Plus packages:

  • Nationally representative surveys with more than 6,000 adults

  • Quarterly surveys targeted at UK retail fund investors through a sample of 1,500 adults holding funds

  • More than 30 DIY investing test accounts with the leading providers, giving you unique competitor insight across onboarding journeys, user experience and service

  • Qualitative insight: real-time user testing, consumer focus groups, panels and more with our 360 Plus Package

  • Segment data to understand the behaviours and attitudes of specific groups of customers

  • As a specialist agency in the retail investment market, Boring Money’s analysts offer research insights catering specifically to distributors, platforms, banks and asset managers

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The Voice of the Customer

With our 360 Plus package we bring the Voice of the Customer to the heart of your business through focus groups, panels and investor interviews.