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Sustainable Investing Report 2022

Sustainable Investing Report 2022Sustainable Investing Report 2022

Introducing the report

For the past few years, the increasing awareness of ESG has been a dominant theme in Boring Moneys Sustainable Investing Report - Our annual survey explores if the focus has shifted to the bottom line in the backdrop of an inflationary environment and the invasion in Ukraine. Are retail investors committed to investing in sustainable and equitable funds? Has the energy transition entered mainstream retail investing in 2022? Are we seeing a slowdown in the commitment from investors into the asset class?

Sample headlines 

  • Sustainable investments have shown resilience in the market downturn. Whilst fund investor purchase consideration has dropped, it has dropped less so for Sustainable vs other asset classes.

  • Trust and transparency are key for investment companies offering sustainable funds - the top barrier to investing sustainably is "fear of mis-selling / greenwashing”.

  • Energy transition is the hot topic in the industry - however, only 32% of investors have heard of this term - energy transition still unknown.

  • Sentiment towards exclusion of fossil fuels is on the rise….62% of investors would be concerned about investing in fossil fuels, up from 57% in 2021.

About the report/methodology

Boring Money’s Sustainable Investing Report pinpoints pivotal issues shaping investment criteria and identifies how companies can build trust with the investment community and shape their comms strategy.

Drawing on research with:

  • 4,600 nationally representative UK adults

  • 1,500 retail fund investors

  • UK advisers

  • Qualitative insight from retail investors

Who the report is for

Platforms, asset managers, pension providers and banks.

Key chapters in the report include:

  • Market backdrop: Financial sentiment in the current context

  • Changing attitudes toward sustainable investments – how are oil prices, Ukraine & fluctuating markets affecting attitudes

  • Sustainable segments – has the landscape changed?

  • Motivations and barriers to investing sustainably – how prevalent is fear of greenwashing?

  • Designing the ideal fund – What impact investment themes resonate, and what should be excluded

  • Communication – Understanding what investors want to hear, and using the right terminology

  • Brands – Top 10 brands for sustainable investment consideration

  • Savers & the underinvested – What hooks will encourage savers & the underinvested into investing

  • Adviser view on best sustainable brands, and changes in customer behaviour

Get the Sustainable Investing Report

To gain access to the full, in-depth data report, contact Dan Jefferson, Head of Sales today for more information.