Research Reports

At Boring Money we combine data and insights from product providers, third parties and individual investors to produce both bespoke research and industry publications. Turn to us about how we can help with both qualitative and quantitative research.

We get the numbers and data from providers, and stats and opinions from consumers. This combined with quantitative and qualitative approach supports our expert publications which are more than just a series graphs. 

Customer Acquisition Report

The Customer Acquisition Report has been compiled with research from over 6,500 UK adults and 20+ providers of online investment services.

The report is an invaluable aid to those working on their direct to customer proposition. We start with a focus on the consumer. What people have, what they think, which brands they would use and what attracts them to products and providers. We have done a deep dive into segmentation and look at customers by age, wealth, income and gender as well as several life stages. 

We also deliver a detailed review of the marketplace today, by provider type. Looking across banks, robos, traditional platforms, life companies and asset managers, we identify spend across all media channels, and look at overall acquisition costs. By mapping the provider spend and approach to the consumer research, we can start to track success and see what works.

The report is key reading not just for marketeers but for any director of an investment brand working out how to compete in the non-advised space. We’re also able to tailor our findings based on your own segmentation models.

Please contact Carmel for further questions. The report costs £5,250 +VAT. 

Online Investing Report

The Online Investing Report investigates more than 20 of the largest online players in the market today. We compile and aggregate data to provide AUA, market share, demographic data, split of investments and tax wrappers and user behaviours.

Utilising research from more than 2,000 UK adults in conjunction with YouGov, the report also details feedback and reviews from experienced and novice investors. It covers details of their customer journeys across a variety of provider propositions. What does good look like? 

We also deep dive into the overall marketplace, detail in depth quantitative consumer research and outline customer experiences.

This report will be an invaluable tool for any distributor or provider who wants to understand the DIY investment space in the UK today. 

Contact Dr Richard Bradley for more details. The report costs £5,400 +VAT.