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We're better known for our consumer website and commentary in the press. But behind the scenes there's a (small) army of data bods, market researchers and content producers all working to share our customer insights with an industry that struggles to really understand the end customer. Read on to meet the team. 

Holly Mackay - Founder & CEO

Holly has worked in finance since 1999. She is a financial expert, a commentator on investment markets and the founder and MD of Boring Money. She passionately believes that we can explain things better, and that investments shouldn’t just be for “The Old Boys”.

Holly is a regular speaker at conferences and is also a seasoned hand at chairing events and hosting panel discussions. She's often asked to engage with the boards of major financial brands who are looking for advice on how to create better products and understand their customer.

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Carmel Dickinson

Head of Events & Partnerships

Carmel has worked in advertising and marketing for 11 years. After 5 years at Money Marketing she joined Holly at The Platforum as Head of Commercial. From here she went to News UK to commercially run The Times and Sunday Times financial sections (winning Sales Person of the Year 2015) followed by a brief stint at Guardian Labs. But she was wooed back to join Holly again at Boring Money in Jan 2016 to spread of the word of Boring Money to the financial industry and how they can work with us through content marketing, events and research.

Brenda De Carvalho

Operations Manager

Brenda joined Boring Money with the aim to keep everyone on their boring toes and make sure we deliver everything we've promised and more. As a board level support professional, Brenda has gained experience across a wide range of sectors including Tech, Finance, Media and Architecture.

Jim Adams

Head of Research

Jim has been providing research and strategic insight for close to 20 years. He has worked across a wide variety of sectors including banking, insurance, technology and government. Most recently Jim spent more than 6 years at eBenchmarkers, benchmarking banks, insurers and other retail FS providers against each other. Before that he worked on a wide range of research projects at Capgemini Consulting and Accenture.

Alex Jones

Head of Market Research

Alex started adult life up t’North as an economic and social researcher before moving South and into commercial market research. He has undertaken consumer-focused quantitative and qualitative projects for some of the world’s leading finance, communications and technology brands – from global tracking studies to consumer ethnography and has had articles published by the Market Research Society.

Michael Akinwotu

Research and Data Associate

Michael graduated from university with a degree in Economics before moving into strategy consulting. He has experience working with multinational organisations across several sectors, providing research and insights to drive growth. Michael joined Boring Money in December 2017 and works with our research and data team.

Cara Whitehouse

Chief Marketing Officer

Cara began her career as a journalist and magazine editor, before moving into digital marketing. She ran a specialist agency for more than 4 years, working with brands big and small across search, social and content marketing campaigns. Ever restless, she got bored of being online-only – and for the past four years, she has worked in disruptive start-ups, managing their go-to-market strategies both online and offline.

Mikhail Ismail

Head of Projects and Client Content 

Mikhail started out as an investment analyst before crossing over to marketing and communications for asset managers and investment solutions providers. During his post grad he worked as a project manager for start ups in media production before returning to financial services. He joined Boring Money in September 2017 and oversees client content production, comms, and web content.

Meital Sharon

Digital Marketing Manager

Meital started her career as a writer and SEO content consultant in Israel marketing for a variety of companies, from corporate high-tech brands to a teen-oriented high school chain. Later she spread across all things digital marketing and moved to London, just in time to join the Boring Money team and look after are our digital & paid marketing strategies. 

Jamie Ovens

Content & Community Manager

A creative who cares, Jamie always finds a way to give the people more! As a Dementia Care Assistant he painted murals and wrote cheeky poems. As a Newspaper Editor he organised workshops and started a society. And now, after years as a Copywriter, he’s helping Joe Public and Mr Moneybags become firm friends. Power to the people!

Phoebe Smith

Marketing Assistant

Phoebe began working life as a marketer for the pan-European stock exchange Euronext, having just finished her masters degree. After taking on some marketing internships during her scholarship year, Phoebe wanted the challenge of turning her hand to financial marketing. With experience of content production, design, email & social media marketing, alongside account and project management - she loves the challenge of working at a financial start-up like Boring Money, and takes every opportunity to learn more about the finance industry.

The Boring Money Bulletin - September Issue

Price Wars. Or Price Bores?

In the wake of Charles Stanley announcing an increase in their pricing structure, Holly looks at the various pricing models currently available including free models emerging in the States. We'll share some readers' views. Do people care about 10 basis points or this industry navel-gazing? Read more...

Robo Returns II

The results are in. In our latest robo review,  we analyse the performance of eight leading robo advisers. We take a comparative look at risk and returns and hear how they measure up to each other, and what their customers say they love about them. Once again the benefits of risk management are hard to communicate. Read more...

Whistlestop Tour of Trust

Is there a science behind trust? How is it built, maintained, lost? What are the common denominators of trusted asset managers, and is it realistic to think we can rebuild trust? Holly and author Herman Brodie delve into the behavioural science behind the cultivation of trust, and get their red pens out on a pension statement. Read more...

Ethical Investing

Last month, Wealthify announced the launch of a range of ethical portfolios. It joins the growing ranks of UK robo-advisers going green, as more asset managers gear up to launch. We take a look at the expanding world of ethical and impact investing, and ask what this new front means to consumers and the industry. Read more...


Boring Money Press Releases

Our work unearths many facts on how customers interact with money and investment products.

Whether it's the findings from a 6,000 person survey, our own desk-based research or our consumer interviews and focus groups, we quite often have an opinion (and some data) to share. 



In the Press

We are often asked for our opinion and make regular contributions to articles and news programmes.

In 2017 Boring Money appeared on the BBC, ITV and Sky News, and wrote articles for The Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, Metro, Mother & Baby and many more.