What do investors really think?

Financial Communications


Quotes from our Online Investing Report 2019

“I was quickly reassured by the style and layout of their website and the information provided. It just smacked of openness and that they had nothing to hide”

Male investor, 35-44.

“There is a video where you are provided an update. It’s a bit long and I get bored. It said 8 mins long. That’s far too long. Info needs to be short and sharp bursts and should be broken down into snippets."

Female investor, 45-54.

“Nothing annoys me more! I could find where to make a complaint and where to download a form under the help topics... but not a phone number!… The fact I can’t find a number or email easily to talk to someone would worry me."

Female saver, 35-44.


Quotes from our Financial Comms Are Broken Whitepaper

“They are constantly underestimating the need for clarity. I have been investing for more than 20 years and the documents contain words or phrases which left me baffled.”

[Male, 65-74]

“It doesn’t feel like a company I would want to invest in as they can’t even speak my language - plain English! It makes me feel I am being excluded.”

[Female, 41-50]

“I read the document and wanted to cry! There is so much jargon and I understand very little of it.”

[Female, 41-50]

Fees & Charges


Quotes from our Consumer Reviews

"Cheap to run with charges clearly shown, nothing hidden away in piles of meaningless figures."


"Make charges upfront."


"Charges suck the life out of your savings. Their low charges are ideal. What could be better??"


"Superb app great customer service. Scrap inclusive pricing for lower annual charge"


ESG Investing


Quotes from our ESG Investing Report 2019

“I just go for big companies and put away small amounts. I’d like to think it’s something sensible that’s been around for a while.

But I wouldn’t invest in guns or tobacco though or anything like that.”

[Female, 35-44]

“I’m a bit apprehensive about investing but of course the interest rates for cash are really bad right now. I’d do a lot of research and start with a small amount first.

It would have to be an investment in something I agree with, so not animal testing or anything like that. Maybe something to do with the environmentSomething I feel interested in, which I can see how it would move forward and grow.”

[Female, 45-54]

Value for Money


Quotes from our Value Assessments 2019

What makes you say [your provider] offers value for money?

"Primarily the performance of the fund. Anything else is secondary."

[Male, 43]

"They offer competitive performance but also an ethical stance."

[Female, 28]

"Cheap, they offer a good range."

[Male, 33]

"Charging structure is clear and easy to understand. Investment performance has been good."

[Female, 52]

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