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Our Sustainable Disclosure Prototype - join the live webinar

16 Mar, 2022

ESG webinarESG webinar


Along with some leading UK asset managers, Boring Money has been testing a new prototype formula for communicating ESG fund disclosures to retail investors.

Our aim was to create a ‘food label’ for sustainable funds. Something that could be accessed easily on mobile, with enough information to give investors the basics, and the option to delve into more detailed reading.

We started by asking investors what they wanted. What questions does the average investor want to see answered in an ESG fund disclosure? We needed to confirm which metrics they valued – and which ones they understood. And we needed to clarify how we could most usefully convey headline information in an accessible way.

We’ve surveyed thousands of investors to find out what they want to know about ESG funds, what’s important to them and what they want to see presented.

Then we took that information to our designers and built some examples to test with real investors. Through one-on-one interviews and testing with hundreds of investors, we’ve learnt what investors want to see and how they want the information served up.

Join us on 30th March at 09:00 to when we’ll present the findings and share the prototype we’ve developed.

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