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Platform Investor Tracker

Introducing Platform Investor Tracker

Our new Platform Investor Tracker has been designed with Consumer Duty in mind. We will engage 2,000+ platform investors every 6 months. We can supply platforms with independent metrics on what your customers value, to include service and customer support, and also benchmark platforms against peers. Data can be segmented into product wrappers held, and demographic groups and life stage.

Each report will detail the value platforms are perceived to be delivering against key criteria including:

  • Customer service and support

  • Charges and value provided

  • Communications

  • Expectations of their platform and your success in meeting them

  • Customer’s perceived success in achieving their objectives

What's in store, 2024?

Boring Money's End of Year Insight Session

We hosted our End of Year Insight Session - a consultative, data backed recap of the various developments and market dynamics that governed 2023.

 We provide a snapshot summary against 4 Consumer Duty objectives, sharing customer scores and how platforms perform compared to peer. This highlights areas of strength and also points for improvement.

Consumer Duty

The Consumer Duty final guidance came out on the 27th July 2022. Platforms need to enhance their understanding of their clients to address 4 outcomes:

  • Products and services

  • Price and value

  • Consumer understanding

  • Support

What the survey will cover

Ratings of the extent to which customers perceive their providers to be clear about their their charges

What do you get from this?

  • Independently sourced customer data on how you are seen to be delivering value to your customers

  • Permission to use and cite this data externally, in client and investor reporting

  • Benchmarking against key competitors

  • Metrics on various aspects of value including price

  • A scorecard covering key value KPIs

  • Data tables covering detailed metrics

  • Key recommendations on areas for action

  • Ongoing tracking

Your customer feedback example list

A Snapshot

We will provide an easily shareable one page scorecard covering brand performance on KPIs.

  1. Gain access to bi-annual insights to inform your board. 

  2. Essential market data and trends for Executive

  3. Committee reporting. 

  4. Up to date on consumer sentiment, buying intention and what your customers think. 

  5. Gauge how you compare to leading competitors.

Trust is at the core of platform value

Trust is at the core of platform value

Although value breaks down into many component parts – including price and functionality – we know that trust is a fundamental part of value for customers. In general, the less confident the investor, the more trust they put in larger brands.

Deliverables and outcomes

Every 6 months, platforms will receive the following outputs:

Circa 20 page report of results, in PowerPoint/PDF format: This will include:

  1. Profile of your customers, and how they compare to Platform Investors as a whole

  2. KPIs, including NPS, and benchmarking against key competitors

  3. Metrics on various aspects of value including price

  4. Key driver analysis that identifies key drivers of value, for your brand specifically and also a comparator of how this compares for other brands

  5. Ongoing tracking and identification of successes and pain points over time

  6. 1 page summary of results and recommendations

A shareable 1-page scorecard covering key value KPIs

Data tables

Report price

  1. £10,800 + VAT per 6 months

  2. Minimum subscription of 1 year

Get the full Platform Investment Tracker report

Please contact for more information or to request a call with the research team.

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