We blend quantitative data with tailored focus groups, interviews and customer feedback
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As Best Buy lists come under fire, we look at how the UK DIY market has grown, and how these lists help and influence consumers that might otherwise receive no ‘advice’.



Consumer Investment Awards 2019 

15,000+ public votes. 8 highly sought-after awards.

The UK investment market met The Great Gatsby at our Consumer Investment Awards 2019 on 5th June. Taking the judging process out of the boardroom and placing it in the hands of real, everyday investors, this is one award show that can truly claim to be for the consumer, by the consumer.



Annual Conference

Now in its 4th year, Boring Money Annual Conference will explore how customers have morphed from passive recipients to active shapers of content and products.

We’ll look at the science of ratings, reviews and likes; we’ll dig into customer-generated products; bring you the latest in what customers like and expect; and showcase what good looks like as direct investing evolves.

Women Investing - Insights Deck

If you want to conduct a deeper dive into customers by gender, our deck will help, with updated data & insights from 2019.
How do women’s attitudes to investing differ from those of men’s? What investments do they have? What features and messages attract them to particular products? How can you tip them into taking action?

The Advice Report Launch

Join us at a breakfast briefing where we will share new customer research and insights about what people want when it comes to financial advice.

What is the bridge between XO and full-fat advice? How should we go beyond ‘2 Shades of Advice’?


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