We blend quantitative data with tailored focus groups, interviews and customer feedback
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ESG Investing Report Launch 2019 

ESG is perhaps the hottest yet most poorly communicated topic in investment circles. As the industry gets stuck in the mud of definitions and complexity, the broader story is not being told well and retail channels report mixed and confused messages about interest and demand. 

Boring Money has been researching demand, interest and planned actions from both consumers and advisers.



ESG Investing Seminar

Join industry experts, financial advisers & campaigners for change at our ESG investing seminar.

Our speakers include: Dr Rachel Melsom, Director, UK & Europe at Tobacco Free Portfolios; Euan Stirling, Global Head of Stewardship at Aberdeen Standard Investments; & Dan Kemp, Chief Investment Officer at Morningstar Investments Europe.

Women Investing - Insights Deck

If you want to conduct a deeper dive into customers by gender, our deck will help, with updated data & insights from 2019.
How do women’s attitudes to investing differ from those of men’s? What investments do they have? What features and messages attract them to particular products? How can you tip them into taking action?

Fifty Shades of Advice Report

As the FCA kicks off a review into FAMR and the RDR, our Fifty Shades of Advice Report takes a fresh look at what consumers want and need. Against a backdrop of digital development, pension freedoms, auto enrolment and general growth in the DIY investment market, how have needs for advice morphed and changed.

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