We blend quantitative data with tailored focus groups, interviews and customer feedback
to build a meaningful picture of what customers think about the world of finance.


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2019 Online Investing Report

A key resource for anyone who needs to know the size of the UK market; understand the UK consumer relationship with investing and pensions; source nationally representative, market-level and provider-specific data; understand specific journeys, or see detailed qualitative insights on what works, and what doesn’t.



Fin-k Tank Seminar

Back for its third year, Fin-k Tank takes a look at what is new in the worlds of tech and investing.

With a fast-paced afternoon of fintech demos, panels, new entrants and giant incumbents, this afternoon will bring up to speed anyone interested in how to build better services for customers. Join us for a seminar which will inform, challenge, and entertain at the same time.

Women Investing - Insights Deck

If you want to conduct a deeper dive into customers by gender, our deck will help, with updated data & insights from 2019.
How do women’s attitudes to investing differ from those of men’s? What investments do they have? What features and messages attract them to particular products? How can you tip them into taking action?

FCA: Evidencing value for money

As of September 2019, the FCA will require fund managers to assess and report on value. We have created a framework which looks beyond the obvious issues of performance and fees to identify other core pillars of value. We can work with asset managers in three ways to help: Insights Deck & Framework, Syndicated Research or Ongoing Value Testing. 

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