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Advised Investor Tracker: A syndicated benchmark study

Advised Investor Tracker

A syndicated benchmark study

  1. In 2023 we ran a research project to identify the core components of value. The findings are summarised in our free white paper which you can download below.

  2. The full report – A Framework for Measuring Value for Advice Firms – is detailed here.

  3. These metrics provide the framework we are using with a syndicate of advice firms in 2024 to track and benchmark value.

Boring Money is establishing a syndicated benchmarking programme for advice firms.

Interested in the tracker?

Download our deck to see how we are working with advice firms today, or contact our Research Team with a specific request.

A value framework for advice which includes: trust and peace of mind, planning, information and recommendation, performance, and fees

Our 2023 Report - A Framework for Measuring Value for Advice Firms

The FCA’s Consumer Duty requires regulated financial providers to evidence that they are providing good outcomes for the end customer.

This report introduces a framework that can be used as a tool by advice firms to measure and benchmark the outcomes they are providing for their clients.

outline drew by pencil

Report outline

Who’s it for?

  • Advice firms & advice platforms

What will it give you?

  • A tool to measure whether you are providing good outcomes for your end-clients

  • Provides evidence to the FCA that your firm is taking steps to understand what advice clients value, and thought about how your firm is going to assess services provided against Consumer Duty principled

  • Independent stamp of approval from a third-party provider

Who we spoke to?

  • Depth interviews with 15 advised investors

  • Survey of 1,000 advised investors

Document Testing in reaction to Consumer Duty

Communications testing to support Consumer Duty

Consumer duty requires firms to test their communications with customers, in order to ensure that consumers are able to: find information, comprehend the information, and that the information provided supports them to make good decisions that inform the right action for their investment objectives.

Boring Money’s qualitative research team has been working with the biggest firms in the investments sector to ensure that their documents contribute to the best outcomes for the end client.

Get in touch with us to buy the report

Please contact for the Advised Investor Tracker or the Framework for Measuring Value Report.

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