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Boring Money is helping advice firms, platforms and asset managers to plan how they will respond to this and focus on creating better customer outcomes. With over 5 years’ experience in understanding and tabling the customer voice, we can help with data and insights on both consumers in general and your more specific customer base.

Here's how we can help:

1. Understand the needs, characteristics and objectives of your target market

We have 5 years’+ of consumer / investor data and can map our quantitative data and qualitative insights to your selected customer segments, providing quick, reliable input into documenting and understanding your broader target market.

2. Ensure a reasonable relationship between price, benefits and value

We are tracking what investors think about value for both platforms and asset managers. Our tracker products help you to understand, measure and benchmark the component parts of value, to provide independent metrics and input into your frameworks.

3. Test and refine your client communications with your target market

We have a market research team which has run multiple projects over the last 5 years to test consumer understanding of key documents, websites, factsheets and communications.

Our teams can provide consumer feedback and input, along with concrete recommendations for enhancements.

4. Define good outcomes along with independent input to measure and benchmark

We have 3 years’ experience in supporting asset managers to define and measure value. We have run various projects for platforms and advice firms to understand, quantify and benchmark good outcomes for their customers.

Ensure a reasonable relationship between price and benefits and value

Please talk to us about what you need!

We can help with data and insights on both consumers in general and your more specific customer base.

Join us in person – Retail Investor 2022 – a half day event.

Boring Money is back, live, in action on 28th September 2022 in the City, London, for our half-day conference to bring you all the latest news, insights, data and discussion on all things retail.

We will be hosting a collection of industry experts and speakers to unpack some of the most critical questions for our industry as we manage growth and opportunity, with market downturns, consumer scepticism and increasing regulatory demands.

Sign up today for your limited free place to join us between 8.30am and 1pm.