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How mobile became critical for winning new customers

17 Feb, 2022

Mobile investment apps have become one of the most important features for providers that are aiming to grow their user base.

For a growing number of investors their mobile app is now the go-to medium for managing their pension or ISA, and many new entrants don’t offer a browser-based login at all. Our data shows one in five investors placed a trade – either funds or shares – on mobile in 2021.

Strong mobile functionality is no longer just a nice to have. It is now absolutely critical. Almost a quarter of savers and investors say a good app that allows them to manage their assets on mobile would be important for them were they to shop for a new investment product.

Among newer investors, this figure is likely to be considerably higher. Out full Online Investing Report explores a breakdown of newer investors (those with less than three years’ experience) and more experience retail investing customers.

It shows that the ability to manage investments on mobile is particularly sought after among the less experienced cohort, meaning this functionality is critical for businesses that want to attract the army of UK adults that have built up cash savings in the last two years, many of whom now want to invest.

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