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Disruptor brands post strong customer review scores

9 Feb, 2022

Our 2022 Best Buys announced this week showcase the providers we believe to be the best all-round choices for DIY investing customers.

The review process is complex and depends on a range of different factors including our analysis of costs and charges, and scrutiny of every provider using our own Boring Money test accounts.

One of the most important elements are the customer review scores posted by Boring Money users on our comparison pages.

As well as being a crucial component of our overall Best Buys scores, those reviews also reveal an interesting story of their own. 'Disruptor' brands - robos, apps and other firms challenging the established providers - make up 7 out of the top 10 brands in terms of their average customer review score.

To meet growing demand, there are many disruptors emerging to challenge the more familiar providers. Consumers have more choices than ever.

Although those disruptors face challenges of brand and customer acquisition, the smaller number of customers they do serve today will typically report better user experience and are more likely to recommend their provider to friends or family.

Find out more about our 2022 Best Buys and get in touch to understand more about our review process.

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