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Saver & Investor Analysis service

Saver and Investor Analysis Service

The Saver and Investor Analysis service supports investment providers and platforms by giving you access to Boring Money’s data and research team for a range of ad-hoc requests.

Our analysts can answer those questions unique to your business, drawing from sources like our 30+ test accounts, reservoirs of data from both nationally representative and investor audiences, frequent survey results and our ongoing programmes of qualitative market research.

In addition to this, quarterly market data scorecards are provided, which allow you to benchmark your proposition and customer profile against a peer group and the wider D2C market.

What's in store, 2024?

Boring Money's End of Year Insight Session

We hosted our End of Year Insight Session - a consultative, data backed recap of the various developments and market dynamics that governed 2023.

Who uses Saver and Investor Analysis?

Saver and Investor Analysis Summary

The Saver & Investor Analysis service has been designed to support providers, platforms and distributors with:

  • Proposition development – Data and insights support proposition development. Whether you’re building new functionality, re-pricing or enhancing user experience, our team of analysts can help.

  • Market data – AUA, account numbers, gender & age profile and tax wrapper splits across the DIY investing market. Use our figures to inform your board reports, capital markets / shareholder presentations & strategic planning.

  • Consumer research data – Subscribers can access research data segmented according to their business needs, with on-demand support from our analysts.

  • Peer analysis – Test accounts, provider review process and reviews on provide unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors​.

Saver and Investor analysis summary – Who is it built for?

Saver and Investor Analysis Summary - Who is it built for?

Data on demand

Saver & Investor Analysis gives you access to our in-depth data pool and is the most efficient way for clients to access the data they need on-demand.

What you get:

1. Analyst time - On demand bespoke support with data, segmentation and proposition development questions

2. Quarterly Scorecard – Used internally to benchmark, feed Board reports and track progress (provided to those with a live proposition in the market today)

research data & insights

Key benefits

Data on demand- Peer analysis – Consumer data – Market Data

Clients use our Boring Money Saver & Investor Analysis to understand their competitor landscape, underpin their strategy and communications with consumer data, and access market data on demand.

Example: "What's the market share of robo advisers and how does this compare to other providers in the market?" - customer and proposition director, DIY/Adviser platform

How have we helped?

In the past 12 months we have supported firms to:

  1. Profile specific customer segments – our large data pool means we can map your customer segments to our nationally representative data.

  2. Refine growth plans with a focus on supporting enhanced guidance or digital advice, developing sustainable propositions.

  3. Build business plans and support with data and forecasts.

  4. Tackle ad hoc data and strategic questions e.g. understanding younger investors’ needs; communicating with cash savers; trying to encourage pension consolidation.

Comparison of SIPP fees among competitor providers/platforms

Some of our analysis has included:

  • Insights into market trends on Robo advisers and Cryptocurrencies

  • Comparison of SIPP fees among competitor providers/ platforms

  • Benchmark analysis of trading apps dealing in shares

Report price

  1. £22,000 + VAT per year

Get the full Saver and Investor Analysis report

Please contact for more information or to request a call with the research team.

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