We combine data and insights from product providers with stats and opinions from consumers and individual investors.

Boring Money’s experienced research team combine qualitative and quantitative research techniques to produce expert UK investment market reports which are more than just a series of graphs. We cut through the noise and get to the heart of what customers want.

We’ve worked with a range of finance and investment houses to support the development and improvement of products and services. Delivering research-backed insights and objectives, our outputs are action-oriented, helping to create truly customer-focussed strategies.

We’ve been delighted to have worked with the Boring Money team for a number of years now. Their consumer insights, reports and support with various workshops we’ve held have been vital in bringing further breadth and perspective to our own understanding, ensuring that we as a business are focusing on the right things to support our customers, and giving us a valuable context to our competitor landscape.

Stuart Welch, Global Head of Personal Investing and Advisory,

Fidelity International.

We can help you to:

  • Refine your positioning strategies
  • Assess demand for new products
  • Reach new customer segments
  • Test new offerings
  • Launch new sites/apps
  • Improve your comms
  • Benchmark your products
  • Improve cut-through

Recent Reports

Online Investing Report 2021

Online Investing is Boring Money’s flagship annual report on the D2C investing market, providing commentary on market changes, consumer attitudes, the competitive landscape, and trends.

It’s a handbook for anyone working in the industry who wants to know what savers and investors are thinking, the key market players and their positioning, market drivers/trends and their implications, and the future opportunities for growth.

2021 Launch Webinar 24th Feb 

DIY Investment in 2021: Insights and data for business planning

All things considered, 2020 has proved to be a good year for DIY investment platforms. Assets have increased, investment activity has sky-rocketed and the number of accounts is at an all-time high.

In our final report for 2020, Boring Money aims to equip investment providers with essential consumer insight to help inform strategy and execution plans in 2021

£5,000 + VAT

Value Assessments 2020

In 2020, we helped over 10 leading global and UK asset management brands to understand precisely what investors value - including how they define and measure ‘Quality of Service’ - and translated this into clear and meaningful recommendations for development of their first ‘Assessment of Value’ reports.

Our updated 'Value Assessments 2020:Best Practice Report' builds on these learnings with a scrapbook of examples, detailed tables and our own detailed reviews and analysis of 25+ published ‘Assessment of Value’ reports.

£8,000 + VAT

The Great British Sustainable Savers Census Report 2020

This report will inform platforms, asset managers, pension providers and banks about the interest, attitudes and plans investors, pension holders and savers have with regards to sustainable investing. The report will also contain detailed feedback from advisers on their attitudes, plans to integrate sustainable investing and the challenges they face.

It will explore what providers can do to capitalise on this growing trend and how best to meet client needs in terms of advice, products, and communications.

£8,000 + VAT

Advice Report 2020

This report will help you size the potential advice market, understand changing consumer appetites & trends, and develop a business plan based on current insights.

With a special section on how COVID-19 and volatile markets have changed the trends of what advice people seek in light of the coronavirus outbreak, and how they want to receive it.

£5,000 + VAT



Investor Voices 2020

Get immediate insights into what investors are thinking, feeling and planning as a result of falling markets. This report will help all those reviewing a comms strategy and marketing responses to COVID-19, as well as informing senior executives about the customer sentiment amongst retail investors. This research reveals how investors feel about the current investing climate report, by utilising over 1,000 customer verbatims, and insights from 606 Boring Money readers gathered in March 2020.

£800 + VAT

Online Investing Report 2020

This flagship report is a must-have for any group offering a direct to consumer investment platform, planning a launch or interested in understanding more about the non-advised distribution channel.

A must-have resource for anyone wanting to understand the current DIY investing landscape, consumer behaviours and sentiment, emerging investment trends and future forecasts.

£8,000 + VAT



Factsheets and Disclosure 

Is the industry doing enough to inform and update its retail investors? The focus needs to shift from lengthy and extensive ‘transparency’ towards clarity. Our report provides an immediate understanding of what good looks like to a retail customer – and how to focus efforts on the right things to achieve better levels of understanding, clarity – and ultimately – trust.

£5,000 + VAT

View contents page

Value Assessments - Adding the Customer Voice

Boring Money regularly conducts quantitative and qualitative research into what investors value from asset managers, beyond the more obvious metrics of performance and price.

We can help you understand your customers' take on value. Get quantitative and qualitative research with consumers, advisers, asset manager directors, academics and NEDs.

£5,000 + VAT



Fifty Shades of Advice Report

As the FCA kicks off a review into FAMR and the RDR, our Fifty Shades of Advice Report takes a fresh look at what consumers want and need, against a backdrop of digital development, pension freedoms and auto enrolment. How can the industry move beyond the binary choices of DIY or fully-serviced advice?

£4,500 + VAT

View contents page


2019 Online Investing Report

A key resource for anyone needing to know the size of the UK market; understand the UK consumer relationship with investing and pensions; source nationally representative, market-level and provider-specific data; understand journeys, or see detailed qualitative insights on what does & doesn't work.

£6,000 + VAT

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Investment In The Time of COVID

How has COVID-19 influenced investor behaviour?
Explore both the problems and potential solutions with our free whitepaper, based on new quant and qual research with over 1,000 UK fund investors. We explore the key questions investors have been asking, what your customers say they want, and what their investment intentions are. 

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What do customers really want from an adviser?

Get a taster of the insights available in Boring Money’s reports. We explore a thin slice of data to answer key questions within a theme of each topic. All information is based on the qualitative and quantitative research conducted for our industry reports. Find out more now!

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Financial Communications Are Broken

Retail investors are struggling to understand what they invest in and how much it costs. Just 23% of fund investors can calculate what they would pay when presented with a factsheet, and only 9% are happy with provider communications. Explore the problems and potential solutions with our new quant and qual research paper.

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Our previous reports

Take a look at our previous UK investment market reports, as well as our insights and data decks. 

We combine data and insights from product providers with stats and opinions from consumers and individual investors, to produce expert publications which are more than just a series of graphs.

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