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Consumer Duty: I'm an Asset Manager

Supporting asset managers with external input, metrics, validation and customer testing.

Boring Money is helping advice firms, platforms, and asset managers to plan and create better customer outcomes. With over 5 years’ experience in understanding and tabling the customer voice, we can help with data and insights on both consumers in general and your more specific customer base.

Need help responding to the new Consumer Duty?

Here are 5 ways we can support:

1. Test client comms

We have tested 100s of factsheets, comms and online journeys over the last 12 months to support asset manager clients with comms testing for Consumer Duty.

Document Testing in reaction to Consumer Duty

2. Consumer Testing for Sustainable Disclosure Requirements

The FCA’s new SDR measures are designed to improve consumer understanding of sustainable investing, and to improve trust in the sector, working to avoid greenwashing.

We have developed dedicated approach to SDR Document Testing, allowing you to independently assess consumers understanding of communications pieces in line with anti-greenwashing regulations.

Talk to us about how we can support your SDR Document Testing.

3. Measure, track and evidence Value

We support asset managers with the AoV process, providing the customer voice to the process. Every 6 months we survey 3,000+ fund investors and provide data for 30 large asset management brands, to support AoV.

Talk to us about our Fund Investor Tracker, running since 2019.

4. Supporting Consumer Duty with customer data and insights

We have data which supports asset managers to understand and evidence customer demographics, vulnerabilities, objectives, risk profiles, desired outcomes and more. No more second guessing or relying on distributor data. Our data and insights are sourced from our fund management customer panels, so directly from the end consumer, whether advised or direct.

Talk to us about our Consumer Duty Core product.

5. A deeper dive at specific fund level

For larger brands and top-selling retail funds, our proprietary panel enables us to support asset managers with a qualitative deep-dive to reinforce the quantitative work we do. Ask us about how Consumer Duty Focus can paint a detailed picture of what job your funds play in a customer’s portfolio. This work has a very practical application and supports product and marketing teams to identify and action change and improvement, as well as supporting the governance process.

Talk to us about our Consumer Duty Focus product.

Get in touch!

To contact us about Bespoke research please E-mail our Research Team.

A Sample Brand Scorecard / what we track with investors

Ensure a reasonable relationship between price and benefits and value

We have been working with leading asset management brands since 2019, capturing consumer data and insights into price, performance, communications, service and brand.

Example of how we can build a profile of your target customer

Understand your target market

  1. What do your customers prioritise and value?

  2. Are your products the right fit for your target market?

  3. What do good outcomes look like for your audience?

  4. How are you looking after vulnerable customers?

Consumer Insights for AoV and Consumer Duty

Need to work out your plan for Consumer Duty?

Download our deck to see how we are working with asset managers today, or contact our Research Team with a specific request.