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Consumer Duty: I'm a Platform

Supporting investment platforms with external input, metrics, validation and customer testing.

Boring Money is helping advice firms, platforms, and asset managers to plan and create better customer outcomes. With over 5 years’ experience in understanding and tabling the customer voice, we can help with data and insights on both consumers in general and your more specific customer base.

Need help responding to the new Consumer Duty?

Here are 3 ways we can support:

1. Test client communications

We are working with several clients to test that their communications support good outcomes. Consumer duty requires firms to test their communications with customers, in order to ensure that consumers are able to: find information, comprehend the information, and that the information provided supports them to make good decisions that inform the right action for their investment objectives.

Document Testing in reaction to Consumer Duty

2. Track and benchmark value

Our tracker products help you to understand and measure the value you provide to clients and benchmark this against competitors, to provide independent metrics and input into your frameworks.

You can explore this in more detail here:

Platform Investor Tracker

3. Client segmentation and bespoke research

We have 5 years’+ of consumer / investor data and can map our quantitative data and qualitative insights to your selected customer segments, providing quick, reliable input into documenting and understanding your target market.

Get in touch!

To contact us about Bespoke research please E-mail our Research Team.

Benchmark costs example

Ensure a reasonable relationship between price, benefits and value

We can provide an independent benchmark of your costs against industry average and map both a consumer and our independent view of the benefits. How do the costs and benefits come together to represent value?

Example of how we can build a profile of your target customer

Understand your target market

  1. What do your customers prioritise and value?

  2. Are your products the right fit for your target market?

  3. What do good outcomes look like for your audience?

  4. How are you looking after vulnerable customers?

We provide a snapshot summary against 4 Consumer Duty objectives, sharing customer scores and how platforms perform compared to peer. This highlights areas of strength and also points for improvement.

Need to work out your plan for Consumer Duty?

Download our deck to see how we are working with platforms today, or contact our Research Team with a specific request.