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Sustainable Investor Tracker

Sustainable Investor Tracker 2022Sustainable Investor Tracker 2022

What's included?

The Sustainable Investor Tracker has been designed for asset managers who want to keep up to date with our quarterly insights on the retail sustainable investing market.

The Sustainable Investor Tracker will help you to:

  • Understand your customers’ attitudes to sustainable investments, what they’re doing now and what their intentions are in the future.

  • Access to niche data, including how investors’ attitudes change to particular sustainable exclusions and inclusions over time.

  • See how you rank for investor consideration in comparison to peers, and how this ranking changes over time.

Over 2021, we spoke to over 6,200 fund investors

The quarterly survey goes to a sample of 1,500+ investors (advised and non-advised), giving us focussed insights from the UK retail fund holder population. We ask them:

  • How they feel about investments including sustainable and ethical funds.

  • Which brands they use today and which brands they would consider in the future?

  • Preferences around exclusions and how these differ over time.

  • Preferences around positive tilts and how these differ over time.

  • How their future intentions differ if asked in context to current market movements and performance.

  • How they rate their fund manager in relation to sustainable considerations

Key chapters in the tracker include:

  1. Sentiment and intentions – understand consumer sentiment and intentions in relation to sustainable investing, insights on current approach and willingness to accept risk.

  2. Brands ownership and consideration – understand which brands investors use to invest specifically in sustainable funds, and which brands they are considering to invest with in the next 6 months.

  3. Product – understand what sectors would prompt fund investors to move their money and how likely investors would be to consider a fund invested in companies looking to have a positive impact.

  4. Assessment of Value – understand and quantify from an independent source how customers see your ESG credentials in terms of Value; use in external and internal AoV reporting.

Get the Sustainable Investor Tracker

To gain access to the full, in-depth data tracker, contact our research team today for more information.