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Consumer Testing for Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR)

We’ve built on our approach to Consumer Duty communications testing, utilising years of experience and testing hundreds of communications. Our approach is led by our understanding of the regulations and the sector, going well above standard comms testing.

Following on from Consumer Duty, where Boring Money supports firms with consumer testing, we’re also now helping firms navigate the Sustainability Disclosure Requirements (SDR), including labelling and the anti-greenwashing rules.

What do you get?

  1. Independent assessment of comms based on consumer testing among your target market and/or customers, checking against SDR.

  2. Individual detailed feedback per comms, plus exec summary with recommendations for improvement and suggested prioritisation.

The research supports compliance conversations, allowing you to evidence consumer understanding, as well as supporting marketing in making improvements.

Our experience

Our experience

With many years’ experience in understanding and tabling the customer voice, our specialised team of research consultants help asset managers, platforms and advice firms to understand, plan and create better customer outcomes.

We have tested hundreds of communications, including:

  • Factsheets, KIIDS, SIDs, AOV, fund pages​

  • Letters, emails, suitability reports​

  • Brochures, welcome packs, FAQs​

  • Application forms​

  • Investment commentaries, insight pages​

  • Content videos, webinars, podcasts​

  • Web pages and customer journeys

In testing communications against SDR, we look at three key things:

In testing communications against SDR, we look at three key things:

  1. Stated understanding – where people tell us what they do and do not understand​.

  2. Uncovered understanding – where we check, probe and subtly ‘test’ responses, so we can judge understanding from the responses participants give us, using our experience in analysis.​

  3. What is the anticipated action and impact of the comms – is there a risk of consumer harm, or do the comms support good customer outcomes and the outcomes the FCA is asking for with SDR?

Our holistic approach also checks for:

  1. Likes, dislikes and brand perceptions

  2. Misunderstanding and usefulness

  3. Attitudes and reactions, including potential concern about greenwashing

  4. Other specific questions you have.

How do we do it?

How do we do it?

Our approach is fully customisable to your needs, and we’ll advise on the best methodology. Projects typically follow the below outline approach:

  • Identify people in your target market and key comms to test; we can advise on both

  • Recruit a range of people suitable to test the comms among; we can utilise our own research panel and/or use other sources

  • Fieldwork, including comms review in participants own time, and probing on responses, checking understanding etc.

  • Analysis, insight and recommendations, with specific recommendations and assessment scores