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Advice Report 2024

Advice Report 2024

The report is designed to help all consumer-facing businesses in the investments, pensions and advice sector to understand the consumer needs and appetite, size the opportunity, confirm strategic priorities and evidence business plans.

Webinar on 12 June, 9am to 10am

What is the Advice Report 2024 and how do we do it?

The advice sector is experiencing huge change. Intense regulatory pressure courtesy of Consumer Duty at one end, and uplifting opportunity for development courtesy of the advice guidance boundary review at the other.

Back for its 6th year, Boring Money’s advice report identifies the consumer appetite for better support, from information, through guidance and up to full service advice. Covering multiple wealth brackets, confidence levels and life stages, we come back to a dominant theme. What do people want from advice and how should this be packaged up?

With new insights from our proprietary panel supporting large nationally representative surveys and quantitative studies with advised customers today, we size the market, identify opportunities, define the customer need, assess drivers of acquisition and retention and consider value for all types of support and advice. It’s busy out there and firms need to prioritise which strategic lane they drive in – in terms of proposition, target market and development.

This report will support:

How to develop help and advice in your business to remain competitive in a changing market?

Sources and methods

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