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How much time are people willing to spend on investing?

23 Mar, 2022

Almost two thirds of investors in our latest Online Investing Report told us they wanted to spend as little time as possible managing their investments.

Among women the figure was even higher, at almost 73%, a significant gap from male peers who are prepared to commit more time to the process.

By definition, investing is an exercise of enormous financial value and the outcome can have a dramatic impact on someone’s overall future wellbeing.

And yet, most people want to get through the ordeal as quickly as possible. Why?

To find out more about why that is, get in touch with our research team for more information.

Our data products will help you understand what customers really want and get a better sense of what they don’t like too. Or there's qualitative research, including panels and focus groups, where real customers can explain in their own words exactly what it is that makes them want to race through the DIY investment process as fast as possible.