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Online Investing Report 2022

Online Investing Report Online Investing Report

Introducing the report

We're delighted to introduce the 6th edition of Boring Money’s Online Investing Report – the essential resource for anyone wanting to understand the current DIY investing landscape, consumer behaviours and sentiment, emerging investment trends and predictions.

Our research team have benchmarked and tested 36 different providers. Our consumer research comes from a nationally representative survey of 6,305 UK adults.

Over 100 pages of consumer and adviser insights with the following chapters included:

  • The Market

  • Understanding new investors

  • The Competitor Landscape

  • Platform reviews and best practice

  • Costs and charges

  • Trends for 2022 and beyond

  • Market Forecasts and Predictions

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Market size and growth

Growth in the DIY investing market continued in 2021. Our research tracks data from all the leading DIY providers to chart AUA and customer account growth across the market. The Report identifies areas of the market growing the fastest, and looks at the strategic challenges facing different provider groups.

Consumer behaviours and demographics

The Report finds the average investor is getting younger - the average age of an investor in 2022 is now 52 years old, with over a fifth of investors today having opened their first account inside the last 3 years. We explore what shapes the attitudes and interests of younger investors, and the providers they're choosing to put their money with.

Cash savers

We explore what prevents cash savers putting money into the stock market and examine how the pandemic has impacted on the public's cash savings reserves. The Report estimates that there are circa 6.6 million adults with cash savings in excess of £10,000 but no investments. Get the full Report to find out what's stopping them investing today, and understand what providers can do to attract those willing to invest tomorrow.

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