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Saver and Investor Trends

Join us at Schroders on Sep 28th, 2022

Do you work in retail financial services? Are you eager to learn more about how your consumers think and behave? And how you can target those more-reluctant investors and cash savers? Then this half-day event is for you.

When is this event?

This discussion will take place from 9am to 1pm on Wednesday, September 28th, 2022.

Where is it?

The Schroders Auditorium, London

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Event summary

Boring Money’s Saver and Investor half-day event will bring the retail financial services community together to share and connect the latest research, trends and consumer thinking. The key themes we will share include:

Generational wealth transfer

  • The structural shift redefining the retail investor. What do investors look like in 2022 ? What do they want and need?

Sustainable investing within a portfolio.

  • Addressing the tide of greenwashing. How can asset managers and platforms earn credibility with the consumer. How are ratings and assessment tools working with sustainable funds to meet regulatory requirements?

Regulatory changes.

  • Consumer Duty standards. the drive towards customer centricity and resilient operating models to create value and achieve outcomes.

Why attend?

This free event has been created for everyone who works in retail finance and wants to understand the latest research, trends and consumer thinking which will shape future propositions and campaigns.

Who will be speaking?

This event will be led by our Boring Money CEO and Founder, Holly Mackay, who will be joined by a panel of regulators, consultants and practitioners.

Event agenda:

0830 – 0900 Registration 

0900 – 0930 Welcome and Setting The Scene
Holly Mackay, CEO, Boring Money 

Holly will share the latest market and consumer insights and trends – what do investors look like in 2022? What do they want, need and hate? How can firms deliver better services and target those reluctant investors and cash savers?

0930-1010 #Trend 1 - Advice, coaching and guidance – what does modern help look like? 

A panel discussion to dig into the realities – commercial and operational – of evolving hybrid, digital and coaching models. Is advice of some flavour a new ‘must have’ for every platform and provider – and even asset manager?

1010- 1050 #Trend 2 – Sustainable investing – greenwashing, backlash and performance challenge uptake

With data from Boring Money to set the scene, a panel discussion will review some of the challenges presented from a brand, reputation, portfolio management and disclosure perspective.

How can platforms, asset managers and advice firms successfully and realistically satisfy investor expectations?

1050 – 1120 Coffee/ Green Tea break!

1120 – 1130 #Trend 3 – Ratings and Social Proof

How do consumers evaluate your services? Quick fire insights from Boring Money’s marketing team on social proof, search and engagement.

1130 – 1220 The Big One – Consumer Duty

What does this mean and how will it impact your business? Whether you’re an adviser, a platform or an asset manager?

How do you articulate – and measure - good consumer outcomes? How should we measure value? And how to report back – and create an ongoing program of responsive change?

1130 – 1145 Short talk from a guest speaker

1145 – 1215 A panel discussion of regulators, consultants and practitioners for actionable insights and tips.

1215 – 1230 Summary, final thoughts and close 

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