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The Boring Money Best Buy Awards 2024 are coming

By Boring Money

17 Nov, 2023

Now in their sixth year, the Boring Money Best Buy Awards continue to be used by the end consumer, who uses our impartial perspective, our deep dives into technical information and the voice of fellow customers to inform their choices. They are designed to give consumers the ability to make better financial decisions and commend the industry for excellence in product creation, communication best practice, fair charges and strong service.

The Boring Money Best Buy Awards 2024 are coming...The Boring Money Best Buy Awards 2024 are coming...

We award Best Buy and Best For Awards based on a rigorous five-point methodology, assessing costs and charges, testing of customer service response times, reviews of the key features providers offer to customers, reviews from real customers, and our own analysis based on our test accounts.

How can you make sure you showcase your proposition?

The assessment process has already begun and will continue over the next two months. However, there are a few ways firms can support their brand as part of the award process.

Boost your Customer Reviews

The voice of the customer is at the core of the Boring Money brand. With over 11,000 investment specific consumer reviews on our site, the voices of your customers continue to be a powerful validator for your brand and a vital component of social proof. Additionally, customer reviews constitute about one-third of a provider’s total score in key categories. As such, we invite brands to encourage their customers leave a review for your firm on your respective Boring Money Review Page. If you would like a custom link to support please get in touch.

Boring Money Review Page

Use our page to boost your customer reviews!

Enter our New Specialist Award Categories

In 2024, we’re going to introduce two new specialist awards that we will be judged by an expert panel. You can enter your firm for these awards based on the criteria below.

The Paul Bradshaw Innovation Award 2024

This award will recognise leading innovation in the wealth, investment and pensions sector in 2023. This innovation should demonstrably make consumers’ lives better and stand out in the market for breaking new boundaries.

It could be tech-related, or represent innovation in functionality, pricing, engagement, apps, websites, content or other.

This award will be judged by Holly Mackay, CEO of Boring Money, David Ferguson, CEO Seccl with Chris Bradshaw and Laura Eeles (nee Bradshaw) as our consumer judges.

Submissions should include the following:

  • A clear illustration of the innovation – a link, video, written submission or other. (Limit 400 words)

  • The date it went live (Should be after 1 January 2023)

  • An explanation of how this makes consumers’ lives easier/what problem is it solving? (Limit 400 words)

  • An explanation of how this is unique or ground-breaking. (Limit 400 words)

The Paul Bradshaw Innovation Award 2024

Submissions should be sent by 5pm Friday 19 January.

The judges will decide the winner who will be announced on 21st February 2024 in a webinar to confirm Boring Money’s 2024 Awards.

The winner will be awarded the Best Innovation 2024 award.

Vulnerable Customer Support Award 2024

We are looking to recognise firms which have excelled in supporting vulnerable customers in 2023.

Please tell us what your firm has done to improve the experience for potentially vulnerable customers.

Please include illustrations and evidence of initiatives in your answer with up to 3 attachments or links supporting your answer.
(Total 800 words)

This award is being judged by Holly Mackay, CEO of Boring Money and guest judge Kirsty Good - Financial inclusion and wellbeing consultant; Director, Brunswick Group

Vulnerable Customer Support Award 2024

Submissions should be sent by 5pm Friday 19 January.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to reading your entries.

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